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Hardscape Package #2
Brick Paver Patio, Pergola, Gazebo, & Retaining Wall

Project Title: Hardscape Package #2

Retaining Wall
Style: Enhance Brand Transversal
Color: Water Oak
Height: Approx 3 Feet
Brick Pavers
Style: Belgard Bergerac
Color: Harvest Blend
Pattern: Running Bond

Project Details
Patio size is approximately 650 square feet. Both the gazebo and the pergola were constructed from cypress wood with a 7 foot radius brick paver circle kit installed. Custom landscape lighting was installed in the steps to provide an elegant accent during the evening hours. The complete hardscape package was installed as a replacement for the pre-existing wood decking.

Start to Finish Photo Series

Building stem wall & preparing area for backfill fill

Building stem wall & steps

Preparing area for backfill to be delivered, spread and leveled

Installing pavers on backfilled stem wall

Installing Harvest Blend Bergerac Pavers in a Running Bond Pattern

Installing lighting in steps to new paver patio

Preparing site to start framing custom designed gazebo

Preparing site to start framing custom designed pergola

Paver step from back door to new paver patio

Framing and installing custom made gazebo and pergola

Cypress gazebo custom designed ceiling

Customed designed cypress pergola being framed

Putting finishing touches on custom made pergola

Almost ready to remove framing boards to complete pergola installation

Cypress custom made gazebo ceiling

Framing seating area around inside of pergola

Installing Harvest Blend Bergerac Circle Kit inside pergola
Still needs sweeping sand in between joints

Installing Harvest Blend Bergerac Circle Kit inside gazebo
Still needs sweeping sand in between joints

Prepping gazebo for screen installation

Completed screen installation around gazebo

Preparing site for finishing touches

Staining custom designed cypress gazebo and pergola

Installing lighting on steps

Sweeping sand in between paver joints

Completed pergola, seating area and paver patio

Completed gazebo with screen

Completed Pergola, Gazebo and Brick Paver Project


Site Preparation

Site Preparation

Site Preparation

Paver Installation

Paver Installation

Step Installation

Site Preparation

Site Preparation

Paver Step


Gazebo Ceiling




Gazebo Ceiling


Paver Installation

Paver Installation



Site Preperation

Staining Structures

Step Lighting

Sand Installation

Completed Pergola

Completed Gazebo

Completed Project
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