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Brick Paver Joint Sand - TS - Polymeric Sand (HP Formula)

TS - Polymeric Sand (HP Formula)

Product Number: POLYSND
Unit of Measure: Bag(s)
Weight per Unit: 66.00
Your Price: $28.00 per Unit 

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Product Description

You have chosen concrete pavers for their long-lasting beauty. However, this high-quality material is not impervious to oil and other substances that can penetrate it and become difficult to remove. To preserve your pavement's original appearance, it is therefore important to clean and protect it right from the start.

In 1984, TECHNI-SEAL introduced the first specialized maintenance products for pavers and slabs. Today, the high quality of our products is recognized around the world by major paver manucfarures.

Ask for TECHNI-SEAL TREATMENT, the best there is to clean and protect your concrete pavers and slabs.
  • Helps prevent damages caused by insects
  • Helps prevent water erosion
  • Sets as soon as water is sprayed
  • Sets at above freezing temperature (0 C - 32 F)
  • Can be applied even if storm is expected (3 hours at a minimum before it rains).
  • Will maintain elasticity under weather conditions,
        insuring that paver joints are always properly filled.
  • Does not stain paving stone.
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