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Brick Paver Repair - Frequently Asked Questions

My Pavers are settling is this normal?
Pavers can settle over time. Service of your pavers may be required. Unlike concrete, since pavers are all individual units, they are easy to pull up, re-level and re-install.
Can roots cause my pavers to be unlevel?
Roots from trees adjacent to the paved area can cause your pavers to be "pushed up" over time. Removing the pavers, trimming the roots, and re-installing the pavers will solve these problems.
Can loose paver on the border be corrected?
Depending on how the border was secured will determine how to correct the loose pavers. If the pavers were secured with a concrete restraining edge, the existing restraining edge in the affected area will need to be removed and re-poured. If the pavers were put down with thin-set or mortar to an exisitng concrete surface, the pavers will need to be pulled up, the old mortar bed removed and a new thinset layer applied then re-installed.
My pavers are moving, what do I need to do?
If your pavers are moving or clicking, joint stabilizing sand will need to be re-applied.
An area of my pavers is holding water, is this something that can be fixeed?
If your pavers are holding water in a certain area, they may need to be pulled up and re-leveled to re-pitch the area affected and ensure proper drainage.
I have several cracked pavers is this normal?
Chipping and cracking of pavers is farely normal in common applications. The affected pavers can be removed and replaced.
I have some pavers washing out in certain areas of my installation. How do I correct that?
First you will need to pull up the pavers, ensure that nothing is causing the washout. In many cases a broken pipe or sprinkler head could be causing the washout. If this is the case that will need to be corrected then the pavers re-installed. You will also need to ensure that anything on the outside of the pavers is not the culprit. You may need to adjust your landscape grade to accomodate elevation issues that could be casing the washout.
My paver repairs seem a little to much for me to handle do you provide this service?
Yes. Enhance Companies has been doing paver installations since 1997. We have experienced many different service challanges and can set an in home consultation to evaluate your paver service needs.
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