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Brick Paver Sealing Services

All Cleaning and sealing jobs are not created equal. The first step is to do a comprehensive analysis on the pavers to determine a few factors that can affect the sealer job. Picking the correct sealer is based on a variety of options

1. Do the pavers need to be cleaned prior to sealing

2. Are there oil stains, chipped pavers, etc. that need to be addressed?

3. Does the area to be serviced ever completely dry out?

4. Does the area to be serviced ever completely dry out?

5. Is joint stabilization a priority to you?

6. How old are your pavers?

7. Have your pavers ever been sealed before? If so how long ago and with what type of product was used

8. Who is the manufacturer of your pavers?

9. In What part of Florida where your pavers manufactured?

10. Have you had efflorescence problems?

11. What type of base did the installer use?

12. What type of sand did the installer uses for the joints?

13. What direction does the sun face your house?

14. How much direct sunlight does the area to be sealed get per day?

All of these questions are the reason for a professional analysis of your pavers and project. Sealing is not as simple as spraying sealer on the pavers. Sealing is a process that requires many years of knowledge with regard to the paver installation process, paver manufacturing process and experience with a variety of sealer products. Contact us today for a free service consulation and analysis. With over 16 years of experience in the paver industry in Northeast Flrorida, we have the experience necessary to advise and deliver the best service result in the industry. Call us today.
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